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A Beginner’s Guide To Google My Business

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What happens when people search for your company on Google and they cannot find it? You miss customers. There are numerous opportunities you can lose if you do not pay enough attention to local SEO. Having a Google My Business profile can help you with that.


My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to assist in managing their online brand across Google, including searching and maps. It developed from Google Places and is now integrated with Google+ and Google Maps. It was launched in 2012 under the name of Google+ Local, which was later rebranded in 2014 into Google My Business.

Google My Business is basically a listing of local companies which can be easily found in the real world using city name, physical address, and ZIP code or even geographic coordinates. There you can provide them with data about your website, view pictures of your business, area of work, enlist working hours (including holidays!), etc. Additionally, your happy customers can even leave a review on your business profile and help your future customers in making the decision of hiring you or buying your products.

Learn The Basics Of Google My Business

This video, which is less than 3 minutes long, is helpful if you’re looking to learn how to use the basic tools to get started with Google My Business.

Need help with getting your business found on Google?

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