Fable House Films

The Challenge

Fable House needed help with their website. It was difficult to maintain and was often low on the priority list because they’re a busy small business and rather be making movies than maintaining a website. They understood the importance of online branding and marketing and were also curious what they could do to beef up their social media. After the initial meeting, our team put together a simple plan and after approval started executing. Keep scrolling to see results.

  • Website Traffic 67% 67%
  • Instagram Growth 28% 28%

The Results Were Amazing

In the first 10 days of launching the Instagram Growth Engine, Fable House saw a 27% increase in followers, increased reach, and thousands of impressions. After the website redesign, Fable House saw an increase in website traffic and visitors were staying on the site longer and visiting more pages. In 30 days, while using our SEO services organic rankings increased and they are now listing on the first page for Google searches. Fable House is still enjoying growth through our services and has started expanding.

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