Bar, Grill, & Brewery Marketing Advice by Hammer & Nail

TIP #1 – Employee Focused Content

We “mint” (see the bartending pun there?) it when we said focus on your employees. Instead of focusing on the baseball games and gifs (most Facebook savy customers will find that info somewhere else), try a more personable approach. Your employees are your strongest asset and are unique to your place, so why not show them off?

A few ideas could include posting a quick bio about one of your bartenders. Or if you want to take it a step further, share a video of your most popular bartender showing off their skills making an original drink. Don’t worry too much about the production value. The content is key, but here are some tips on filming on your mobile phone to help build your confidence.

If you want to keep it simple, just posting a picture of who’s working behind the bar for this afternoon’s happy hour will do.

TIP #2 – Consistent Branding and Content

While making a splash with your marketing tactics, it’s also important to be authentic. Show your brand’s personality via social media. That means if you’re the kind of place that has leather couches and smoking jackets you probably should NOT be posting a bunch of cute kitties DJ’ing pizza gifs and memes of Boromir from Lord of the Rings saying “One does not simply go for drinks after work” to your page. You might want to consider posting cocktail recipes or sharing the latest top-shelf addition to the collection.

Consistent branding is essential to any marketing effort. You don’t want to confuse your clientele. Before posting anything to your social media accounts, ask yourself “is this right for the kind of place we are?”

TIP #3 – Always Give Them Somewhere To Go

Audiences generally follow a brand’s social media account for a few reasons like discounts & offers or product research. If you need ideas on how to post, those are generally good starting points.

But having a social media user aware of your bar or your drinks won’t smash the competition alone. How do you convert them into a paying customer? You need them to show up and order drinks! This is why it’s important to make it easy for them to do so.

It’s important to make sure that social media post let them know where to go. They need something actionable.

This means you can add a link to your content that leads to a landing page that gives more useful information to the customer to help educate them on why your bar or restaurant is a great place to go tonight or a special offer.

Links significantly increase your chances of converting a prospect into a regular.


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