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Our Website Technical Support Services Inclusions:

Website Design Changes

Your website should be a constantly evolving piece of your business. It is important to keep you website up to date when you change your logo, brand, and colors.

  • Logo change outs
  • Color changes
  • Image changes

E-commerce Updates

Need to add and remove products from your e-commerce store on a regular basis? Let our team help you maintain keeping your e-commerce store update to date.

  • Assistance adding new products
  • Assistance removing old products

Unlimited Content Updates

Save time and let us add and remove content for you.

  • Add new content pages and post
  • Add new images
  • Remove old content and images.

*We do not write content or provide images with any of our maintenance packages. This is an additional cost.

Security Setup & Scans

It is critical to have the protection of ongoing WordPress website security. Let our team keep you and your customers’ sites secured.

  • Setup security plugin and advanced security settings.
  • Provide weekly security scans (Premium Support)
  • Managed Updates (Premium Support)
  • Website setup in Webmaster tools for monitoring. (Premium Support)

*We do not have control over server-side security of websites we do not host

Website Technical Fixes

WordPress websites have a lot of moving pieces. Our support packages help you clean up and fix technical issues that might arise at any time.

  • Fix errors caused by WordPress.
  • Fix errors caused by plugins.
  • Resolve issues caused the hosting environment.

*We do not fully support issues caused by hosting we do not control.


WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates

Keeping your WordPress website up to date is critical for security. On a monthly basis our support packages:

  • Update All Plugins
  • Update WordPress and Themes
  • Fix any errors caused by the updates


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