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Ahoy, Captain!

Picture this: a stunning 360-degree virtual tour that beckons visitors from across the globe to explore your waterside paradise.

This isn’t just a dream; it’s a powerful tool waiting to transform your marina’s appeal.

Boats, Yachts, and Docks – What do I use virtual tours for?




Boat Rentals


Boat Dealerships


Marine Construction Businesses




Short-Term Vacation Rentals


Yacht Charters & Fishing Charters


Boat Builders


Docks, Buildings, and Restaurants


Ship Store, Fueling, and Launch

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours came into the spotlight during the peak of the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown. With restrictions on in-person activities like house showings, parties, school gatherings, and group meetings, people began seeking alternatives to traditional in-person showcases. This marked the rise of video content and 360-degree virtual tours.

In the context of marinas, virtual tours offer an immersive experience where potential boaters can seamlessly navigate through various viewpoints, providing a 360-degree, crystal-clear view of the marina or specific points of interest. This dynamic approach paints a vivid and accurate picture of what a marina or vessel truly looks like, surpassing the limitations of traditional photos or videos alone. Think about how often people use Google Street View these days.


Boston Whaler Ventura

Virtual Tour

Celebrity Silhouette

Virtual Tour

Torquay Port

Virtual Tour

Why Choose Us for Your Marina’s Virtual Tour?

Unlock the True Potential

Our seasoned photography skills and cutting-edge equipment are ready to unlock your marina’s full potential. We’ll capture every inch of its beauty, showcasing the facilities, waterscapes, and amenities that set you apart.


Engage, Entice, Enthrall

Our virtual tours aren’t just images; they’re immersive experiences that engage, entice, and enthrall. Potential visitors feel viscerally present, drawn by the allure of your marina’s charm.

Navigate with Expertise

Hammer & Nail Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that provides marketing services for marinas and marine industry businesses. We understand marinas inside out. We know the best angles, the ideal lighting, and the strategic flow that makes a virtual tour shine. We’ll expertly navigate the waters of your marina, capturing its essence with precision.

Time-Tested Techniques

Our team has worked with major movie studios like Universal, Disney+, Netflix and more to provide production services on projects like Game of Thrones, Captain America, and Star Trek. So you can rest assured our photography arsenal is equipped with the latest gear and time-tested techniques. We capture the golden hours, ensuring soft, flattering light that accentuates your marina’s beauty.

Seamless Stitching

In post-production, the magic happens. We seamlessly stitch together your images into a cohesive panorama. The result? A virtual tour that feels as natural as a gentle sea breeze.

Interactive Elements

Make your virtual tour truly unique by adding interactive elements like clickable hotspots, marina nuances, or linking to other parts of the tour. With the click of a button, your marina will come alive.

Preparing, Shooting, and Sharing

Our Methodology for Crafting Exceptional 360-Degree Virtual Tours

Shooting a captivating virtual tour involves a well-organized process, divided into three essential phases:



Determining Assets: The first step is to identify what needs to be captured. How many vessels are in scope? Typically, we can cover 3-5 boats per day, with the exact number depending on their size.

Understanding Marina Size: Is the marina relatively small, with 50 slips, or is it expansive, boasting 500 slips or more? Does it span 10 acres or a sprawling 100 acres? The size matters, as it influences the duration of the shoot, which might need to be scheduled over multiple days.

Camera Selection: The tools of a craft don’t determine the quality, the operator behind them is what makes the difference. That being said, it’s also important to use the right tool for the job.

We have a range of options, including Matterport, Theta, Insta360, and GoPro 360, ensuring we match the perfect tool to your unique requirements.

Location Scouting: Ahead of the shoot, we conduct a thorough location scout. We plan what to capture and devise contingency plans for any unexpected weather conditions, ensuring a seamless process.

camera on movie set
Sam on set



The Shoot: This phase typically spans 1-2 days, and its purpose is self-evident – capturing the marina and its vessels in all their glory.


Processing: In post-production, we meticulously stitch together the images and refine them. If a seagull photobombed a shot, fear not; we’ll eliminate imperfections and restore perfection.

Logo & Privacy Considerations: We pay attention to details, including the removal or blurring of logos, license plate numbers, or faces when necessary. We also add your logo where necessary!

Sam on set


Publishing & Delivery

Publication Destination: Your virtual tours deserve the spotlight. Do you want them to reside on your website? If we handle maintenance and support for your site, we’ll take care of the publishing. If you prefer self-hosting, we’ll coordinate how best to deliver them to you.


Data Backup: Your virtual tours are valuable assets. We can ensure their safety with regular backups, or you may choose to manage this aspect yourself. Archiving is included in our maintenance and support package.

With this systematic approach, we guarantee exceptional virtual tours that showcase your marina’s beauty, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning experience for your audience.


“The Hammer & Nail Marketing team demystified digital marketing for our marina. We’re in the boating business, we’re not in the tech business. We were skeptical at first, but quickly saw the value in going digital. Within 2 months of launching our marina’s new website, we had a +50 ft vessel come into our marina as a direct result of seeing us online. They would have never found us otherwise. 5-stars across the board.”

Marina del Ray of Madisonville, LA

“Sam and his team were responsive and interested in helping us meet our business objectives. The design of our website started with a consultative call about our preferences and advice on best practices in design considerations. We are thrilled with the final product and the ongoing support from Hammer & Nail.”

Cedar Bayou Marina of Gordonville, TX

Transparent and Simple Pricing

Understandable and Calculable

We believe in transparent pricing that’s easy for you to grasp and calculate independently.

Base Fee:

We start with a base fee of $300 on all projects. This fee helps cover essential expenses such as data storage, software licenses, and overhead costs.

Per Foot Fees:

Boats: $10 per foot
Buildings: 10% of the total square footage

Street view for marinas:

Pricing for street view at marinas varies and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The complexity of the marina layout is a significant factor.

We consider factors like the number of docks, twists and turns in the layout, and the need for clear line-of-sight vantage points. Please see the example below for reference.

Additional Pricing Notes:

• Travel fees may apply if the marina is located beyond a 90-mile radius, measured “as the crow flies” from our nearest photographer.

•  We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for orders that initially exceed $2,000 in total.

Example 1

22′ Boston Whaler Conquest

$300 – Base fee
$220 – $10 per foot charge for a 22′ vessel

Total: $520

Example 2

Marina with a small dealership component

$300 – Base fee
$220 – 22′ Boston Whaler Conquest (same vessel as before)
$320 – 32′ Sea Ray Sundancer
$150 – Interior tour of a 1,500 sq ft ship store (10% of square footage)
$1,500 – Street view of a marina with approximately 3 docks and 100 slips

Subtotal: $2,490
10% discount (for orders exceeding $2,000): -$249

Total: $2,241

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Ahoy, Captain! Your marina’s virtual tour adventure begins now.

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