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5 Photo-editing Apps Who Are Killing It

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Whether you’re a producer, director, actor, blogger, working professional looking into growing his/her Social Media or just a regular guy/gal who aims to capture great looking pictures, keep reading and get ready because the details we’re about to share in a few minutes, are perfect for you.

If you were born in the 90s, you would appreciate the latest trends that we have today. Back then, it wasn’t possible to edit photos after you’ve taken them. Hence, you would have no choice but to deal with whatever the results were of your photography attempts. Nowadays, it is no longer a challenge and the solution is just within your fingertips (literally). We’ve listed the 5 Photo-editing Apps you can download on your phone and be able to quickly and creatively edit photos.


It’s for you and me

These apps are useful, easy to navigate and works well for the right individual. We have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using each app and why (or why not) it may be the best choice for you. Let’s get started!


Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture

Apple Store  Google Play

It wasn’t too long ago that Adobe introduced the capability to capture and convert anything to digital palettes. Eventually, a line up of different schemes was created and added to Creative Cloud. Adobe Capture fits right into this. Adobe Capture consolidates the four functionalities available in the previous app – Colors, Brushes, Shapes and Looks. These functions are available as tabs across the screen. Therefore making it easy to transition from one functionality to another. However, there were issues when syncing the color themes created in the original version to the new app. In which case, logging in to the web browser to merge older swatches to the library may be necessary. There were also reported issues wherein the Shape assets appear as black rectangles despite working correctly. Nevertheless, the application is a great tool to inspire creativity and makes it easy to sync with connected devices.

Snapseed Snapseed

Apple Store  Google Play

If you’re one of the listeners to the Social Media Examiner Podcast, then you know that it is an app mentioned in the How to Generate Leads and Sell With Live Video episode. The app has gained a significant amount of followers because of its simplicity, quality and control.

Snapseed’s success is in the fact that nothing in this tool seems overcrowded while editing, easy to use and has great photo filters available. By just sliding your fingers, you can easily adjust brightness amongst other features. It is very easy to use which makes it a great match for beginners. There’s no lag or delay experienced in using the tool. On the flip side, there is no autosave feature and it takes some in-depth knowledge to be able to use some of the editing tools and filters.

Adobe Photoshop Express Mobile Adobe Photoshop Express Mobile

Apple Store  Google Play

This photo-editing app is also great for beginners. It is easy to use, supports RAW file formats as well as JPEG and PNG, has sharing options and also can be integrated with other Adobe applications. But, unlike some of the other apps we are highlighting, there are limited tools and controls to choose from. Sadly, it is said to have sacrificed its versatility and creativity to keep a simple interface.

Lightroom MobileLightroom Mobile

Apple Store  Google Play

Similar to other Adobe applications, this app offers cloud base storage and synchronization. Lightroom brings together organization and editing. It offers a range of image adjustments, enhancements and one-click presets. It is accessible via Android or IOS. Changes are synchronized and accessible to all connected devices.

On the other hand, this new version lacks some of the advanced features available in the Classic version. It also does not offer the best noise control and detail rendition. To maximize online storage there are corresponding fees depending on the size you’d like to have available. It is expensive and not an easy of a transition for existing users.


Apple Store  Google Play

What makes this photo-editing app unique from the others we featured is that it acts like an advanced version of Instagram and offers a community which lets you follow other users. It also offers a wide range of editing tools such as exposure, contrast, fade settings and tools for skewing image and adjusting tints. Photos can be shared with the community and also on other Social Media platforms. The main disadvantage is that there’s no ability to save photos. You will need to send it over email or save via a cloud storage service.


That wraps up our list of 5 Photo-editing apps who are killing it in the market today! We recommend that you try out all of them. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed it and please read on to the next article for more tips and latest updates.

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